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iSlides is an app for Powerpoint that redesigns the experience of interaction during a presentation or meeting. Going from the old dynamic of a presenter and an audience to a new one, integrating the audience by design, generating more interaction, improving retention of the contents and the decision making process during meetings. In summary, it will improve the over-all powerpoint experience…

iSlides is developed by Virtualab. A lab of innovation in visual technologies at the Engineering Department of USACh. It has developed several software before, particularly ePels, software designed to improve reading comprehension. The lab was founded by Dr. Mario López and Héctor Ponce. Its focus is the development of technologies that can have a scientifically proven impact. It has won over 5 million USD in I+D projects establishing itself as one fo the most successful labs in software development in Chile….

Your basic iSlide is free. You have access to all 6 basic slides, without limit of use so you can use it as long as you want. Also, you have access to a part of the CANVAS iSlide that will absolutely improve the way you design your value map in meetings or presentation. Try it!!!…


  • iSlides is a real help, specially to expose your ideas with fluidity and clarity and really integrating your audience